DIY 2m / 70cm Diplexer for Satellite Work 3

10W Micro-Diplexer for 2m / 70cm Here’s a small 2m / 70cm diplexer that is good for up to 10W of power, perfect for working satellites with a HT.  The design comes from KI0AG and was originally published in the November-December 1997 AMSAT Journal.  It consists of two Chebyshev low-pass / […]

Antenna Simulation Tutorials using 4nec2

YouTube user dx2hunt has put together an excellent series of tutorials to get you up and running with using 4nec2 for performing your own antenna simulations.  For  those unfamiliar with 4nec2, it is a completely free Windows based tool written by Arie Voors for the design and simulation of antenna […]

Getting your Amateur Radio License 1

My Take On It and How I Did It Getting your Amateur Radio license has never been easier than it is now.  As of 2007, the FCC removed all requirements for learning Morse Code.  This opened the ability for licensees to test all the way to an Extra class operator […]

Morse Code Chart for Amateur Radio 2

Here’s a Morse Code chart I drew up which contains most of the International Morse Code symbols used in Amateur Radio today.  I find the color version helps me identify new symbols quickly while learning.  The colors pop out and help me “see” the rhythm.  I did not include a list […]

Back in the saddle

Ahhhhh… Here we go for round two!  I seem to have come full circle and back to my hankering for ham radio.  Originally licensed as KE4AKA (Technician Class) back in 1993, a love for electronics and radio pulled me into this hobby.  Being the computer geek I am, my interests at […]