Back in the saddle

Ahhhhh… Here we go for round two!  I seem to have come full circle and back to my hankering for ham radio.  Originally licensed as KE4AKA (Technician Class) back in 1993, a love for electronics and radio pulled me into this hobby.  Being the computer geek I am, my interests at that point in time were focused mainly on packet radio with a side of 6 meter SSB.  Like they say, there’s just something magical about 6M when it opens up and Sporadic-E starts kicking in.  Unfortunately, as the 90’s roared on, the Internet took over my interests and ham radio slid to the back-burner.  12 years ago (2003), I let my license expire.

Now here I am in 2015 and the itch is back.  I spent much of 2014 brushing up my electronics knowledge, designing circuits, developing wireless holiday lightning control systems, and dabbling with miscellaneous RF projects.  Tinkering + RF = HAM, so here I am.  Last month, I hit the books to brush up my knowledge and worked through the practice exams for all three test elements.  It paid off and I managed to gain my Extra class ticket!

So here I am, a new ham again.  My plan for this site is to document my ham related journey and projects that I plan to work on, while hopefully providing some useful information to other hams, hams-to-be, or just knowledge seekers.  My main project right now is just getting a shack together!  Stay tuned….


KW4FB – Shelby

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