Morse Code Chart for Amateur Radio 2

Here’s a Morse Code chart I drew up which contains most of the International Morse Code symbols used in Amateur Radio today.  I find the color version helps me identify new symbols quickly while learning.  The colors pop out and help me “see” the rhythm.  I did not include a list of prosigns or procedural symbols. For a good collection of common prosigns, procedural codes, and general CW QSO information, I would recommend checking out SKCC Beginner’s Corner.

Color Version

Morse Code Quick Reference by KW4FB - Color

Black and White Version

Morse Code Quick Reference by KW4FB

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2 thoughts on “Morse Code Chart for Amateur Radio

  • Valerie Worster

    I would like permission to print the colored version of this chart to use with my Cub Scouts at Scout Fair. We will be teaching other scouts how to use Morse Code. Do you have a high quality version that will print 20’x30″? Thanks!

  • KW4FB Post author

    Sorry for the delayed response. I’ll dig up the source and post some higher resolution copies.